ZNR Rinseless Wash


Wash an entire vehicle with less than a bucket of water! NXTZEN ZNR is an eco-friendly and water restriction friendly way to clean your vehicle anywhere, without the need for a water source to hose and rinse away the soap suds!

ZNR Rinseless Wash utilises a unique polymer that bonds with road grime to encapsulate and lift it from the surface, and therefore reduce surface marring during the wash and dry process. NXTZEN ZNR is so versatile you can use it for cleaning a multitude of surfaces including paint, glass, leather, vinyl and plastic. You can even add 10ml of ZNR to 1 litre of water (0.5oz to 32oz) for an amazing clay lubricant!

How does a rinseless wash vary to a normal wash? It's as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Mix your ZNR solution in a bucket 1 part ZNR to 1000 parts water
  2. Wash the panel with your bucket of solution like any other wash
  3. Dry!

There's no need to rinse down the panel after washing. This makes ZNR perfect for apartment living or anywhere else that a water source isn't readily available.

NXTZEN’s ceramic coating has been independently tested to Australian Standard ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Click here to download and view our test report.

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