Graphene Serum Coating


NXTZEN Graphene Serum utilises one of the latest discoveries in science to enhance the performance of ceramic coatings.

  • Enhances tensile strength of coatings
  • Increases coating’s corrosion resistance
  • 7 Year Protection Guarantee with NXTZEN Ceramic Professional

Graphene Serum is a concentrate of graphene nano particles combined with our proprietary ceramic professional formulation. When graphene is dispersed within the ceramic coating, the structural strength and corrosion resistance of the resin is greatly enhanced.

The end result is a surface coating that is far less susceptible to breakdown and corrosion. The by-product is extended durability of the protective coating.



Our graphene coating bonds permanently with your factory clear coat. Once cured, the coating cannot be removed by washing or other detailing chemicals.

Graphene Serum is a very thin and flexible resin used by leading professionals and will not damage cured clear coats. For repainted vehicles, Graphene Serum should not be applied for 30 days after repainting or for the duration your paint manufacturer specifies.

No. NXTZEN Graphene Serum is a very thin and flexible resin that covalently bonds to the surface of your clear coat. The coating is too thin to crack or peel and the graphene nano particles will not turn yellow.

Yes, Graphene Serum will provide your vehicle with some additional scratch resistance by producing a thin, outer layer that is harder than your factory clear coat and super slick to reduce friction. Graphene coatings are not scratch proof though and some factory clear coats are softer than others. Graphene Serum will work to reduce light scratches over the life of the vehicle.

Graphene coatings greatly reduce the bonding of minerals that produce water spots. In most cases Graphene Serum will completely prevent these minerals from permanently bonding. To avoid water spots, wash your vehicle regularly to remove road grime and always dry your vehicle.

No. Graphene coatings are difficult to install and require professional application.

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NXTZEN’s ceramic coating has been independently tested to Australian Standard ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Click here to download and view our test report.

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