Ceramic Coating Melbourne & Victoria

Click on the map below to find authorised NXTZEN ceramic coating installers for Melbourne and regional VIC.

Why do you need NXTZEN Ceramic & Graphene Coatings?

Environmental ProtectionOur ceramic coatings provide superior protection and durability from environmental damage by creating a permanent bond with your factory clear coat.

Bird droppingsNXTZEN ceramic coatings are formulated to prevent paint damage caused by bird and bat droppings or bug splatter.

Ceramic Coating Protection GuaranteeA network of professional ceramic coating installers across Melbourne with a factory backed protection guarantee.

Chemical ResistantWe manufacture ceramic coatings that won't break down or degrade when exposed acidic or alkaline chemicals!

Super hydrophobicNXTZEN ceramic coatings make vehicle maintenance easy! The super hydrophobic effect and slick surface also reduces build up of road grime.

High Gloss Ceramic CoatingsDrive a new car every day! Our high gloss ceramic coatings make your car look better than new.

Melbourne's Leading Ceramic Coating Service

We provide you with Australian made, industrial grade formulations and direct to public ceramic coating services. NXTZEN is the professional's choice for paint, leather and fabric protection in Melbourne. 

Made In Australia

Our range of ceramic coatings are manufactured in Australia! For more than a decade we've been pathing the way with industry leading protection products for the automotive industry. Our products are sold with a factory back protection guarantee and with a distribution centre located in Melbourne for the best after sale service.

Authorised Ceramic Coating Installers Across Melbourne

Our network of installers across Melbourne provide consumers direct access to the best professional ceramic coating installers in the industry.

NXTZEN Ceramic Professional and Graphene Car Paint Protection Coating and Interior Protection Coatings are professional use only protection products and available only through our exclusive network of authorised dealers. NXTZEN hand picks only the best automotive and car paint protection installers in Melbourne and regional VIC. Authorised Dealers are local independent businesses.

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