Private/White Label & Contract Manufacturing


Zen Automotive manufacture a wide range of ceramic coatings and car care products including shampoo, wheel cleaners, all purpose cleaners, sealants and various other car detailing products.

With our custom formulations and access to numerous raw materials, we can help bring your car care brand to life through our private/white label services.

Our services range from basic supply of bulk chemicals, bottling and labelling to complete brand conception.

For further information on private label and contract manufacturing please contact us.

Production Capacity

Our automatic production line facility produces up to 800 bottles per hour including filling, capping and labelling.

Ceramic Coatings

Customised white label production of ceramic coatings according to your budget, with varying formulations for durability, ease of use and performance.

Car Wash/Shampoo Formulations

Available in various concentrations, colours and fragrances. Utilising numerous surfactants to produce pH neutral or pH adjusted formulations according to your requirements.

Surface Cleaners

Customise production of all purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, colour change Wheel Cleaners and iron removers, wax and grease removers, produced to varying strengths and concentrations.

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