Ceramic Professional


NXTZEN Ceramic Professional is formulated and manufactured in Australia for guaranteed surface protection and peace of mind for new vehicle owners. With over a decade of industry experience, we used this knowledge to develop a product that will withstand the most extreme environmental conditions while also enhancing aesthetic qualities beyond expectations.   

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NXTZEN Ceramic Professional is a hybrid formulation, developed to address the multiple desirable aspects required for a modern protective coating. These being durability, chemical resistance and contamination resistance in order to maintain long term hydrophobic effect for ease of maintenance.

Ceramic Professional utilises a Silicon Carbide (SiC) precursor as the main component. A proven system known for its ability to create a permanent, covalent bond to the surface with superior resistance to both low and high pH levels (acids and alkalines). Using technology taken from the Optometry industry in the development of contact lenses, this main component is reacted with other proprietary compounds to produce an extremely smooth finish with high clarity and exceptional resistance to road grime and environmental pollution.

Super-Slick Finish

The super-slick finish repels bonded contamination for easy maintenance. This repellency is important for maintaining the coating's hydrophobic effect long term and minimising paint defects such as water spotting.

Ceramic Professional produces a flexible coating that chemically bonds with the paint surface, producing a new outer layer that is chemical resistant to both acids and alkalines. The deep gloss enhances and intensifies darker colours.

Protection Guarantee: 5 Years

NXTZEN’s ceramic coating has been independently tested to Australian Standard ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Click here to download and view our test report.

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