NXTZEN Elite features the latest Multi-Cure® surface protection technology to keep your vehicle protected and looking its best over time.

NXTZEN Elite is a multi-layered ceramic coating, combined with a memory polymer that will try to return to its original state when activated by heat. With NXTZEN Elite your vehicle can retain its high gloss finish using this "self-healing" effect to help minimise minor surface imperfections in the coating.

The hydrophobic finish of Elite is extremely smooth, and makes maintaining your vehicle easier, while reducing contamination build up over time.

Multi-Cure® Layer Technology

Our proprietary Multi-Cure® technology provides polymer-on-polymer bonding after extended air cure times, or rapid infrared curing between layers. Multi-Cure® reduces film loss when layering, and more consistent installation with wider application window between layers.

Scientifically Tested & Proven Protection

NXTZEN's proprietary resin has been proven to protect automotive painted surfaces from hazardous chemicals and environmental damage such as bird droppings. Click here to download a copy of our independent test report.

Protection Guarantee: 9 Years

NXTZEN’s ceramic coating has been independently tested to Australian Standard ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Click here to download and view our test report.

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