Easy Dry


Use NXTZEN Easy Dry once, and you'll never dry your vehicle again without it!

NXTZEN Easy Dry utilises materials taken from the cosmetics and skin care industry, to help lubricate and protect the surface while drying. This, combined with other proprietary ingredients, produce a super slick surface that reduces the friction of your drying towel to also reduce wash induced marring on the surface.

NXTZEN Easy Dry not only makes drying your vehicle easier, it also boosts ceramic coatings!

Easy Dry is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Wash your vehicle
  2. Mist 1-2 sprays of NXTZEN Easy Dry on the wet panel
  3. Dry to reveal a slick and high gloss finish

NXTZEN’s ceramic coating has been independently tested to Australian Standard ASTM D1308-20 by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Click here to download and view our test report.

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