Ceramic Professional Sample Instructions

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  • pH 2 - 14 resistance
  • Improved ease of use

NXTZEN Ceramic Professional is a hybrid formulation, developed to address the multiple desirable aspects of a modern protective coating: durability, chemical resistance and the contamination resistance needed in order to maintain long term hydrophobic effect for ease of maintenance.

Ceramic Professional utilises a Silicon Carbide (SiC) precursor as the main component. A proven system known for its ability to create a permanent, covalent bond to the surface, with superior resistance to both low and high pH levels (acids and alkalines). Using technology taken from the Optometry industry in the development of contact lenses, this main component is reacted with other proprietary compounds to produce an extremely smooth finish, with high clarity and exceptional resistance to road grime and environmental pollution.

NOTE: Recommended for clear over base paint finishes only.


Wear protective gloves and ensure adequate ventilation. Refer to product SDS before use.


Thoroughly decontaminate the surface using NXTZEN Super Clean, and NXTZEN Iron Decon.

Wash vehicle using NXTZEN Foam Decon, or ZNR, where water restrictions require it.

Mix NXTZEN ZNR at clay lubricant concentration and clay all surfaces to be coated.

Machine polish all panels prior to coating. A minimum single step process is recommended to minimise paint defects in addition to cleansing the surface for coating. Perform additional polishing steps as requested by the client.

Wipe down all surfaces with isopropyl alcohol solution or other solvent based prep solutions.


NOTE: Ensure adequate lighting is available for coating application. Indirect or diffused lighting is recommended.

Ceramic Professional is a single layer product. With full coverage, multiple layers are not required to achieve performance.

Spread the coating evenly in cross-hatch patterns ensuring complete and wet coverage. Working full panels is recommended. For larger areas, follow body lines where possible.

Wait 1-2 minutes depending on temperature and humidity conditions. Commence removal of excess fluid. Multiple microfibre cloths are recommended. When microfibre becomes saturated with coating, discard and use a fresh cloth.


    Keep surfaces dry for 12 hours. Avoid strong chemicals on the surface for 7 days. During this time, remove surface contamination such as bird droppings or other environmental contaminants immediately.

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